New Delhi, June 4, 2017.

AlAzhar University has no branch outside Egypt and any thievery of the title should be carried in a court of law, Mufti Ashfaq Hussain Quadari, National President of All India Tanzeeem Ulama e Islam stated here in a press release.

Mufti Ashfaq lambasted the news of  opening a university entitled ‘Al-Azhar University India’ while Egypt AlAzhar and the Grand Mufti of AlAzhar never granted such permission.”Thievery of the name does not translate in to credibility. AlAzhar remains with its Sufi and anti Wahhabi stand that can not be occurred by implausible people for their Salafist agendas. This is not only against the ethics of conferred entitlement but also this is a trick to peregrinate the students of Sufism in India” Mufti added.

“Al-Azhar university is the oldest university in the world. It has no other branch outside Egypt. It is the greatest Muslim religious institute and reference in the world. The university receives tens of thousands of international students from all corners of the world. The university alumni include many scholars and leaders, who contribute to the formation of the cultural and epistemological format on national and international levels.” Mufti stated.

Earlier a press statement on Embassy of Egypt Facebook page stated that Al-Azhar University and Mosque affirm that Al-Azhar university has no branch or college in India and dissociates itself entirely from this new university. As such, Al-Azhar will take all necessary legal measures to maintain the intellectual property rights of the name of Al-Azhar University. Mufti Ashfaq Hussain Quadri appeal to Government of Egypt and the Embassy to take all necessary action against the larceny of the title of AlAzhar.


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