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Everybody around the world knows February 14 as Valentine day. But for the Uzbeks, Valentine’s Day is no longer the same. The Uzbekistan government has declared it a day of national celebration, not of love, but of the birthday of the 16th century Mughal emperor Zahiruddin Muhammed Babur. However, the government of Uzbekistan and its citizens celebrate February 14 as national celebration in the honour of their national Mirza Zahiruddin Babur. Yes, the same Babur, who was the founder of Mughal dynasty in India, which ruled India for several generations and created various monuments including Taj Mahal, known as best architect of the World. Mirza Babur had his roots in Uzbekistan and was ruler of Samarkand before coming to India and founding great Mughal dynasty. He was writer of Baburnama.

He was a direct descendant of Turco-Mongol conqueror Timur (Tamerlane) Genghis Khan through his mother. He was great believer in Persian culture and his actions combined with his successors turned India in Persian colour and culture. Persian was the language of the ruling class before English came to power.

His descendant Bahadur Shah Zafar is revered through out India as the symbol of 1857 revolution behind whom various people united to fight for freedom of India. Uzbekistan Government recognized His Eminent Highness Moghul Prince Yaqub HabeebuddinTucy after DNA testing as the descendant of Mirza Babur and has invited him with to Tashkent to celebrate the anniversary of his forefather Mirza Babur as a government guest in 2015 with due protocol. He was unable to visit Uzbekistan in 2016 anniversary celebrations due to personal reasons and his visit for this year’s celebrations is planned already.

Prince Tucy has committed himself to the people of India for the sake of love and trust vested in his family by Indian Populace. He has associated himself with social movements for upliftment of poor people of the country. He is very much involved in youth activities and wants holistic development of Indian Society.

The descendants of Miza Babur have been given due respect by the government of Uzbekistan and their representatives. His Excellency Mr. Mir Qasimov, Ex-Ambassador to the Republic of Uzbekistan has visited Hyderabad along with her Excellency Mrs. Railla and met the descendants of Bahadur Shah Zafar-II, the last Moghul Ruler of India and well wishers of the descendants.

He has founded India Uzbekistan Friendship Council as a key platform to cement the international partnerships that will drive innovation and long-term prosperity for two countries. He has roots in both countries and will endeavor to bring the two countries closer through his efforts. India Uzbekistan Friendship Council is engaged in cultural exchange.He also wants to help the businessmen of two countries to explore building symbiotic relationships for economic prosperity of both countries. He believes that both countries can prosper with mutual trade & commerce.

India and Uzbekistan government can leverage the office of Prince Tucy to cement mutual relations. Both countries have various common ground to make them come closer through cultural exchange.

The Government of Uzbekistan has created an International Fund to honour their national hero under the name and style of “International Babur Public Fund”, which has entered into a formal agreement dated December 20,1993 through its authorized signatory Mr. Zokirion Mashrabov with The Society of the Great  Moghul Descendants of India, Hyderabad (“Society”) represented by (Late)  Ziauddin Tucy, The then General  Secretary of the Society, in order to strengthen mutual cultural and scientific relations between intellegencia, scientists and literary men of Uzbekistan and India  for applying the culture and History of our great ancestors and poets.

Government of Uzbekistan is celebrating the 534th Birth Anniversary of Mirza Zahiruddin Muhammed Babur on 14th Feb.2017. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev is going further with the culture founded by then President Islam Karimov of firm India Uzbekistan relationship. Uzbekistan has planned celebrations and using this occasion to build relations with India. President Shaukat Mirziyoyev, is known around the globe as a visionary leader, who plans to turn Uzbekistan into Mecca for the wannabe entrepreneurs. His visionary policies are expected to make Uzbekistan Capital Tashkent into a new destination for techies similar to Silicon Valley. His entire plan revolves around Inha university of Tashkent. I personally wish to point out Indian supremacy in the area of Information Technology and I think Uzbekistan Government can turn Tashkent into a Silicon Valley in Central Asia and Europe with the help of reign of Mughals ie India.


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