New Delhi, 13 June 2019

Bhutan declared a hike in the pay rates of teachers, doctors, nurses and all medicinal making them the most generously compensated government employees in the nation.

The quantities of educators associated with the climb are colossal as there are 8,679 instructors, trailed by the medicinal staff who number around 4,000. This cabinet decision was taken on 5th June, which is indeed an “immense strategical move”. The news entrance expressed that the declaration has upset the present chain of command wherein informal common administration heads delighted in different advantages including preparing and trips.

A public statement issued by the Bhutanese Prime Minister’s Office expressed: “If the compensation modification comes through as proposed by the administration, educating turns into the most generously compensated calling in the nation.”

The purpose behind the compensation correction, The Bhutanese reports, could be higher feelings of anxiety and longer working hours in both therapeutic just as instructing callings.


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