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A book which reveals the real stories of Kashmiri people ‘K-FILE’ was launched on the 25th August at the International Habitat Centre. This book is been supported by Indian Economic Trade Organisation (IETO)

According to the critiques, it is a daring book which is written by Author/Journalist Bashir Assad from Kashmir. The book explains the rise of Islamic Terrorism and the epicentres that control this ideology.

Mr Iqbal has been in talks with Netflix for considering the stories from ‘K-Fie’

The President-IETO, Mr Asif Iqbal while explaining the seriousness of this issue calls for uniting with the people of Kashmir. The book launched was preceded by a panel discussion with high profile guests. Mr Wajahat Habibullah said, “Now with the downing of Article 370 in Kashmir, we all are Kashmiris. We need to convince the youth to curb what is happening, which we all failed at”. While Lt. Gen Ata Hasnain put forward the idea of taking about Kashmiri ecosystem, “the city runs on finance, education, ideology and people which we need to address first”.

The book tells about the nexus and an honest perspective between Politicians, Clergy and policymakers. This is first of its kind narrative of the behind the scenes in the valley. At the panel, Prof. Kapil Kumar quoted “The new act not to be celebrated but to be consolidated” while Mr OP shah talked about the idea and efforts of the leaders of the inception, “We should have a genuine true dialogue with the people of Kashmir”.

Mr Bashir Assad, “We are taking this risk to make our children risk free. Kashmiri’s have to learn to live with Union India and Government should learn how to reach to Kashmiris”. He further added, ” We need to take on the way forward and to save kashmiriyat and to safeguard all religions, culture, tradition and different sort of people in the region”.

Find some pictures from the event

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