Kolkata, 05 April 2019

India and Kazakhstan with current exchange turnover of $ 1.2 billion where Kazakhstan is also the fundamental provider of uranium to India have more on the way in terms of increasing trade relations.  The Embassy of Kazakhstan in India in association with Kazakhstan’s national investment company  “Kazakh Invest” and Merchant’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) hosted ‘Kazakh-Indian Investment Forum’ today.

The event was joint by the Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC), the Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO), master and scholarly circles, almost 50 noteworthy Indian organizations (India control, RUPA Company Limited, JG Chemicals, KK Group, Multiwyn Group and others)

Mr Bulat Sarsenbayev, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to India, in his inviting discourse expressed gratitude toward the MCCI the executives for setting up contacts among Kazakh and Indian business structures. The diplomat talked about the principle regions of participation among Kazakhstan and India, sketched out the zones of the point of view collaboration between the two nations, and furthermore educated members of the Forum about the development elements of respective exchange collaboration, which has a positive pattern.

Mr Marat Birimzhan, Delegate Chairman of JSC National Company-Kazakh Invest, talked about the venture atmosphere in Kazakhstan and the prospects for the execution of business extends in the nation. Specifically, Forum members were given itemized data on business openings in Kazakhstan, conditions, state support and upper hands for pulling in remote speculations. M.Birimzhan showed various need venture extends and urged Indian organizations to take a functioning part in the usage of speculation extends in Kazakhstan.

Mr Vishal Jhajhariya, President of the Merchant’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry noticed the predictable improvement of respective collaboration between the nations, profoundly valued the substantial scale changes completed by Kazakhstan, which is a brief period turned into an open and appealing nation with a positive speculation atmosphere for working together.

Indian representatives demonstrated their high enthusiasm for the tasks showed in the introductions of JCS “Kazakh Invest” and JCS “Samruk-Kazyna” in the fields of mechanical designing, broadcast communications, farming, mining, medicinal services, and so on.

Relations among India and Kazakhstan was set up 27 years prior and create in the soul of kinship, organization and depend on the social and recorded partiality between the people groups of the two nations. As of now, Kazakhstan and India have productive participation in a wide scope of zones, for example, space, military-specialized collaboration, IT, Fintech, oil and gas, banking and so forth.

The Forum additionally held a progression of respective gatherings with Indian partners. Understandings have been come to on the joint usage of various ventures. Specifically, delegate of Kazakh organization Shimkent Temir met with Indian accomplices on the buy of gear for the generation of direct diminished iron.

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