Iran will have an International Conference on Martyred Defenders of the Holy Shrine in January 2020 to advance the talk of affliction and recognizing the elevated situation of the individuals who lost their lives with regards to the heavenly hallowed places.

The event, called ‘International Conference of Martyrs of Sacred Dargah’, will remember the martyrs, along with the participants will be told why the martyrs chose the path of sacrifice and martyrdom and what message their martyrdom has brought to society. This information was given in the official poster issued by the conference.

The gathering will likewise address the methods for displaying the saints as good examples for the more youthful age. Their job in advancing a progressive and against the imperialistic soul, thwarting plots for the Middle East brought forth in the White House, and joining the Islamic ways of thinking are among the fundamental points of the meeting.

The occasion will likewise feature the saints’ job in advancing the discouragement intensity of the Islamic Resistance Front, killing dangers by Takfiri fear based oppressors, realizing harmony and security in the Middle East and the Muslim world, debilitating the Israeli system’s security and reinforcing the Palestinian reason.

The conference will also discuss the impact of the martyrdom of the soldiers who have been killed while guarding the holy shrines of Hazrat Zenab in Syria and other holy sites. Participants have also been invited to read research papers in this conference, which will explain how the martyrdom of the defenders of the holy shrine of Syria is organizing the society while fighting the revolution and expansionist powers.

As indicated by the secretariat of the gathering, the members can send their papers to the accompanying email address: not later than January 30.

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