-Akhlaq Ahmed Usmani*

President Donald Trump has indirectly declared his support for extreme Wahhabi Jihadist Saudi Arabia by banning entry of Iran and its allied countries from entering USA. President Trump has killed two birds with one stone by pleasing his racist white voters by highlighting this ban imposed on Muslims and hiding ban is selective and against mostly Shiite Muslim Countries and anti Muslim Brotherhood camp. It is well documented that most terrorist attacks on USA soil have Saudi Arabian or Pakistani element involved and bulk of the funding for terrorism comes from royal families of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. President has demonstrated his intention to support Wahhabi/Salafi extremists by joining hands with AlSaud family. President Trump’s ban has been his declaration of allegiance with Saudi royal family by openly attacking Iran and its allies without giving a damn about terrorist attacks perpetrated by Wahhabi/Salafi extremists including 9/11, which was planned and executed by Al-Qaeda headed by Saudi national with links to Al-Saud Family.

I will like to remind that Saudi Arabia is fighting a war with Houthi Rebels in Yemen on frivolous grounds. This war is supported by USA for the benefit of its powerful lobbies. Houthi rebels belong to Shiite community and Al Saud family suspect Iranian support to Houthi rebels. Now, Wahhabi/Salafi extremists have a pet president in USA, who has come out openly in support of Al Saud family and USA lobby interests by declaring a proxy war on Iran as the banned nations are involved in some sort of conflict against Saudi/Israeli interests in the region. Powerful lobbies of USA along with AlSaud family supporters have carefully prepared a plan to escalate conflicts with Iran knowing well that President Hassan Rouhani is a moderate, who has fought tough domestic battles against hardliners in his country to cinch nuclear deal and get sanctions on Iran lifted.

Powerful Lobby relied on hardliner presence in Iran combined with proud Persian nature to do the rest in the aftermath of ban. Iran has always been a fiercely proud nation and their government was forced to take some action to appease their populace incited by raging mullahs with Anti-USA diatribe. Iran did the most natural thing by conducting a Missile test. Iran has also responded to the President Trump’s ban by banning US wrestlers from entering Iran to participate in free style world wrestling championship. This ban on US wrestlers is put in response to President Trump’s ban. Further, Iran’s missile capabilities are well documented. President Trump threatened, “Iran is playing with fire – they don’t appreciate how “kind” President Obama was to them. Not me!” What he has forgotten is the fact that Iran keeps conducting such tests on routine basis and these tests have been done to give assurance to Iranian citizens. The test does not reflect addition of some new capability or otherwise.

The claims about 9/11 terrorism and banning entry of Muslims from terrorist countries are a farce without inclusion of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia in the list. Almost terrorist attacks on USA soil including 9/11 had Saudi Arabian or Pakistani connection. Pakistan support to Taliban, which is fighting a battle against Afghanistan Government is well documented. US Congress has published a report on “Islamic traditions of Wahhabism and Salafia”, which documents Wahhabi/Salafi involvement with terrorism in the USA. The Director General of European Union has published a report of terror funding which clearly cites royal families of Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabi/Salafi involvement in terror funding across the globe including USA.

Iran has seriously supported the fight against Wahhabi/Salafi extremism in Arab. It has openly supported the fight against terror in Iraq, Libya and Syria, while US ally Saudi Arabia’s Imam (hereditary Imam of Makkah Mosque) declared ISIS as true Salafis. President Trump has bombed bridges being built with Iran through his ill planned ban. Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Bahram Qassemi, gave a mild rejoinder, saying, “It is a shame that the USA government, instead of thanking the Iranian nation for their continued fight against terrorism, keeps repeating unfounded claims and adopts unwise policies that are effectively helping terrorist groups.”

Iran has signed $16.6 billion deal with Boeing, which would have given boost to USA Domestic manufacturing. Iran was gradually opening for USA and President Trump has destroyed years of efforts of his previous government to get Tehran opened for Washington business interests. This much hue and cry over missile tests is created to justify putting sanctions on Iran again to support Israeli and Saudian interests in the gulf region, which openly sees Iran as its opponent for USA attention. Saudi Arabia has not forgotten that it got into prominence only after sanctions were put on Iran and fall of USA puppet Shah government. President Obama has fuelled those fears by keeping Iran engaged throughout his Presidentship. President Trump has done nothing new but to subscribe the theory of old Bush that AlSaud are fast friend of Republicans. He forgot how Wahhabi extremists have declared a war on USA and their war on terror in Afghanistan or Syria or Turkey. Wait with crossed fingers to see how the ongoing tension between two giants Iran and USA unfold. Anyway, it is not going to be good for the world.

Photo Credit: donaldjtrump.com & president.ir

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