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The date marks the independence of the ex-Soviet country Belarus. The choice to observe Independence Day on 3 July was made by an across the nation by referendum on 24 November 1996. In December 1996 Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko marked a law to set up a state occasion – Day of Independence of the Republic of Belarus. In 1990, the Supreme Council of Belarus declared the country to be a sovereign nation on 27 July 1990 (it was celebrated as the Independence Day of Belarus until 1996).

Amb. Rzheusskey addressed the audience

The embassy of the Republic of Belarus to the Republic of India organised a special event to commemorate this special occasion with diplomats from friend countries, officials from the Indian government, India organisations and trade firms and media representation. The Ambassador of Belarus to India H. E. Andrei Rzheusskey expressed his warm regards to the august gathering. He told the historical importance of this date as well as the significant developments of the country.

Let us know the History

Belarus was the first to feel the blow of the German armed force. Minsk experienced brutal shelling runs and gunnery assault on the second day of the war. The German armed force met furious opposition on ways to deal with the city. The 100th and 64th Rifle Divisions battled especially valiantly against the foe. In any case, the Nazi figured out how to catch Minsk on 28 June. Since the absolute first days of the occupation, Minsk occupants battled against the adversary. 1,100 days of occupation equivalent 1,100 days of sacrificial, gallant battle against the Nazi intruders. Minsk was involved however not won.

The capital city of Belarus was freed from the Nazi trespassers on 3 July 1944 because of the splendid Belarusian Operation through joint endeavours of the first and third Belarusian Fronts helped by partisans. The day is commended as the day of freedom of the whole nation. Belarusians know the cost of opportunity: each third inhabitant of Belarus passed on throughout the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

In 1996, the first President Alexander Lukashenko had a referendum in which 90% of Belarusians voted to celebrate Independence Day on 3 July. The date also represents those who fought to free the capital – Minsk from the German occupation in the Second World War.

Regardless of obstruction from neighbourhood contenders, the Germans held onto Minsk on 28 June 1941. Not tolerating the occupation, the occupants started an obstruction development that kept going 1,100 days. The endeavours of the natives helped the militaries of the first and third Belarusian Fronts with the help of the partisans free the Belarusian capital from the trespassers on 3 July 1944.

(Left) MOS for External Affairs V. Muraleedharan attended the event

The Day to celebrate 

The day is marked as a national holiday where the key attraction is a large military parade in Pobeditilei Avenue, Minsk. During the evening hours, mesmerising fireworks and concerts celebrating Belarusian culture could be seen.

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