The Peruvian National Day is seen as Peru’s freedom from the Spanish Empire. Actually, it is a two-day celebration, July 28 in remembrance of Peru’s autonomy, won by José de San Martín and July 29 out of appreciation for the Armed Forces and the National Police of Peru.

To commemorate this occasion, on 26th July, the Ambassador of Peru in India H.E. Carlos Polo hosted a special reception which was participated by diplomats, officials from Indian administration and other friends of Peru in India. The Chief Guest of the event was the Minister of State for External Affairs H.E. Vellamvelly Muraleedharan. The event was charmed by a musical performance with the fusion of Indian and Peruvian musicians.

The haunting sounds of Peru and Rajasthan come together as the highlight of the celebrations for the 198th National Day of Peru with Chano Díaz Límaco with Rajasthani folk legend Gazi Khan.

In each city around Peru, the Plaza de Armas will be loaded with merriments and energy. Most government workplaces and all banks enjoy these days as holidays. The following day is Peru’s Grand Military Parade day which consistent with its name, is loaded up with military motorcades and festivities of the triumphs of Peru in war. The headliner and the official finish of Fiestas Patrias are the Grand Military Parade which heads down Avenida Brazil from Magdalena del Mar to Centro de Lima. Delegates of each part of Peru military are seen with honour. Overwhelming views from planes and helicopters to mounted guns and tank and from first-class power squadrons to formal watchmen to indigenous self-preservation volunteer armies. It is altogether managed by the leader of Peru, who needs to formally give authorization for the procession to the administrator of the Lima Garrison before it can continue.

In increasingly rustic zones and the edges of huge urban communities, there are other huge festivals with numerous styles of the customary move. Everywhere in Peru during the Independence Celebrations, there is music, firecrackers, drinks and welcoming people.

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