Nur-Sultan, 8 June 2019

Presidential Elections is set to go on June 9 for the country. The voters in Kazakhstan could be considered in two segments, the adults with critical thinking while the younger generation with statistic thinking. The former has seen the Soviet collapse, robust living experience in the country having Nursultan Nazarbayev in office. According to the people, the State and Nazarbayev have no meaning alone.

During the previous regime, albeit the supreme power remained same however supported by the changing government with new ideas, new policies and new people. This election is going to bring a massive change for the population – change in the core, and here is why the people of Kazakhstan is much considered about the smooth transition which could maintain the stability of the country. People’s will is to select the one who can ensure the uplifting business opportunity and long term progress who mustn’t disturb the present conditions.

We are introducing you to the presidential candidates for the elections of Kazakhstan. In the last report, we had introduced to you the present President and the candidate from the Nur Otan party.

Meet President Kassym Jomart Tokayev

Toleutai Rakhimbekov, Candidate from Social Democratic Party
Toleutai Rakhimbekov, Candidate from Social Democratic Party

Social Democratic Party candidate Mr Toleutai Rakhimbekov is an expert in Agricultural Sciences and economics who was the chairperson of the National Agrarian Sciences and Education Fund and has a PhD in Economics. He believes in bringing the young generation in governance which could lead the country towards progress. His agenda is clear – bring agricultural reform as the country has a great potential in the sector impacting positively in the nation’s objective of modernisation.

He is highly active on social networking sites and easily approachable, being connected to the roots he has visited every corner of the country remote or urban.

In a special talk with Diplomacy Today, he said- “I see the future of Kazakhstan as prosperous. As we are an equal partner in international relations Kazakhstan is open for it. Kazakhstan has a strategic geographic location in the world connecting China in the West and Europe in Europe. In the path toward am agricultural devel

Anangeldy Taspikhov Candidate from Kazakh Federation of Trade Unions
Anangeldy Taspikhov
Candidate from Kazakh Federation of Trade Unions

opment India could be an important partner.”

Anangeldy Taspikhov from  Kazakh Federation of Trade Unions is highly experienced in the field especially in trade and connectivity. His manifesto suggests the safety of the workplace, growing opportunities for people and benefits of the labour community. He believes that he has the support of the members of the Trade Union and the people of business mindset, which holds the maximum of the population.


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