New Delhi, 01 June 2019

The entire world, including India, believes that Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinians and by capturing this region, Zionist forces have committed crimes on humanity. It is time that along with Jerusalem, the land of the mosque Aqsa and Palestine should be returned to its original inhabitants. This was stated by Mufti Ashfaq Hussain Qadri, founder president of All India Tanzeem Ulama e Islam, the largest organization of Sufi clerics in India.

Mufti Ashfaq Hussein Qadri said that Israel is increasing regional tension on the American patronage by taking advantage of the money and weaknesses of Arab dictators. Under the Greater Israel policy, many Islamic countries were destroyed and now it is a situation that these people want to capture Jerusalem and mosque Al Aqsa. But we will not let this happen. He was addressing a rally of thousands of people on ‘International Quds Day’ after Friday prayers at the Qadri Mosque in Delhi’s Shastri Park. Tanzeem Ulama e Islam has organized many big rallies on this issue in India many times.

Jerusalem belongs to Palestine, Israel has no right on it – Mufti Ashfaq

Tanzeem spokesman Kaiser Khalid said that the mosque Aqsa and Palestine are related to Islam, and Muslims of any part of the world cannot afford oppression on Jerusalem. He appealed to the world community to pressurize Israel and free the region in favour of the Palestinians. Mufti Taslim Raza Khan said that the mosque is the most important part of the history of Islam. If any person comes forward for the mosque, it is definitely considered as the service of Islam. He highlighted the importance of Jerusalem on the occasion of Quds Day by stating it as the first house of Islam. Abdul Wahid Khan said that the mosque is the first ‘qibla’ for Muslims earlier before ‘Kaabah’ and its name is also recorded in the Qur’an. He said that he has no hesitation in believing that the freedom of the mosque has been put in jeopardy by the dictators of Arabia.

On this occasion, the masses raised slogans for emanating ‘Long Live Islam’ and ‘Long Live India’. In spite of the fierce heat, there was a lot of excitement among the people and they were sitting in their places until the program was completed. People had taken planks in their hands, with the slogans of Palestine’s freedom and the annihilation of Israel. People appealed to the Government of India to make diplomatic efforts to hand over to Jerusalem to Palestine nation. During this occasion, several important people of the area including Qari Muhammad Alim Raza, Hafiz Saleem Raza, Deputy Imam of Qadri mosque Hafiz Jamshed, Qari Ismail, Qari Abdul Qayyum and Zahid Raza attended.


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