New Delhi, Jan 16, 2016.  is very proud inhabitants of a greener embassy that offers sustainable solutions for water usage, electricity, cooling and heating. It is one of the few buildings in India to make use of geothermal wells, taking advantage of the cool temperature of the Chanakyapuri underground. For the new building, efforts were made to retain the original compound and overall architectural appearance. High sustainability and environmental ambitions were set for this project by the architect.

The new building presents a fusion of Norwegian and Indian design elements through the interior, the furniture and the architecture. However, it is characterized by the adaptation to local climate and Indian environmental concerns.

The building itself is also adapted to the local climate: Shielding of the façade keeps the sun out of the office spaces, which reduces the need for air conditioning, the rooftop is painted in white to keep the heat out, by reflecting light and not absorbing it.

Electricity is delivered by Statkraft, who is first in India to offer renewable energy with guaranteed known origin, I-REC (International Certificate Standard for Renewable Energy)

A complete new look of the Green Norwegian Embassy can be seen here-


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