On December 13, 2019, the presentation of the international socio-cultural project “ART-ECO” took place at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in New Delhi. The organizers of the project are the “St. Petersburg Centre for Humanitarian Programs” and the company “Shryansy International” (India).

The event was attended by the founder-director of the “St. Petersburg Centre for Humanitarian Programs” Mr Vitaly Vasilyev, director of “Shryansy International” Ms Shryansy Manu, project director of the “ART-ECO” Mr Yunus Khimani, honoured Russian artist, director of the “Petropol” publishing agency Mr Andrei Kugaevskiy, participants in the international project, Indian artists and journalists.

In his speech, Mr Vitaly Vasiliev noted that the “ART-ECO” project is a complex series of events with a very rich program. “The scale of our joint socio-cultural project with “Shryansy International” is really impressive, just look at some figures: 100 days of the project; 18 member countries; 75 artists; 13 Indian cities involved in the project. Artists from 18 countries of the world, including 48 people from 19 cities of Russia, are involved”, – emphasized Mr Vasiliev.

Unlike the early art projects that have been implemented (“Russian Atlantis -2018”, “Discovering Russia – 2019”), the main goal of the “ART-ECO” is to draw the attention of the general public to ecological problems and importance of preserving historical and cultural sights. “The participants in the project are artists who must show with their picturesque paintings how bright and beautiful a world without a garbage can be. The project locations are unique historical sites in India that need volunteer assistance in cleaning the territories. First, artists, Indian students and activists in the presence of the media, clean the object, pack garbage, and then the artists make their paintings, which will then be presented at exhibitions in different cities of India. Thus, we hope that this action will draw the attention of the general public to the issue of caring for their own habitats, observing the norms of human environmental behaviour in the cultural environment, on the territory of cultural and historical sites and memorials”,- said Ms Shryansy Manu.

Addressing the audience, Mr Yunus Khimani expressed interest in the project becoming annual in nature, and further popularisation of “Plein Air” painting format in India. “Important goal of the project is the involvement of creative youth in socially responsible activities, the expansion of artistic themes, forms and ways of strengthening civic responsibility, increasing the environmental culture and level of involvement of the young generation in the tasks of preserving nature and the environment”,- added Mr Khimani.

The event continued with a report by Mr Andrei Kugaevskiy about the catalogue that he published – “Images of India in the Works of Artists from St. Petersburg”. It contains works of Russian artists made during their travels in India and tells about the development, as well as the forms and traditions of their artistic discovery of Hindustan. The catalogue includes works by such eminent Russian artists like Alexei Saltykov, Vasiliy Vereshchagin, Nikolai Roerich and others.

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