New Delhi, 2nd December 2018

Major reforms have been of fortune for Uzbekistan’s significant change towards growth and development, towards progress since the new elect has taken the office. The strategy of Uzbekistan’s development outlines the government’s initiatives to reform the political, economic, social structure and foreign policy towards liberalization.

The round-table conference

Constructive governance and highly professional executive team have created five major reform sectors towards which the country has made considerable progress with 50 laws and 162 decrees. (source, EBRD, Uzbek State Investment Committee )

  1. Development of state governance
  2. Rule of law and legal reforms
  3. Development and liberalisation of the economy
  4. Development of the social sphere
  5. Security, religious tolerance, interethnic tolerance and foreign policy
H. E. Farhod Arziev, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to India

At the roundtable discussion: “Uzbekistan: National Development Strategy. Rapid reforms” held on 29 November 2018 at the Embassy of Uzbekistan, New Delhi the Uzbek ambassador to India Farhod Arziev presented the Hindi edition of the book – Uzbekistan: Strategy to Development and major reforms 2017-2021 to every participant.

Uzbekistan has made liberalisation of currency exchange regulations, a new system of land allocation and construction regulations, improvements in the tax system and fiscal performance, reductions in the tariff burdens, boosting administrative procedures.

International acknowledges to Uzbekistan


Mohit Srivastava,


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