-Shivangi Singh

In past few days, UN has been alleged for the usage of chemical weapons in Douma, Syria. Civilians are going through tough time in Douma after being undertaken by terrorist group Jaish al-Islam. There is continuous shelling and airstrikes conducted over last 36-hours in the city. Antonio Guterres, SecretaryGeneral of Security Council Resolution 2401 (2018) has the call on to bring peace and restore calm in the city for the sake of suffering civilians.

Secretary General Antonio Guterres Photo Credit: AA Photo from dailysabah.com
Secretary General Antonio Guterres
Photo Credit: AA Photo ofrom dailysabah.com

Through his spoke person, Stephane Dujarric, he has claimed that there is no military solution to the present scenario of Douma city. Around 70 people died of suffocation in the chemical attack in the city. Mass destruction of the infrastructure, health facilities and civilians life has been witnessed there. To call out peace, Mr Guterrers has asked to cease all the fighting. Although he has refused to give any confirmation about the chemical attack occurred in last few days. He said it’s abhorrent to use any chemical weapons on civilians.UN has always been a supporting hand for Syria. It has been aiding war-struck nation always through United Nations Security Council Resolution 2139.

Syria has been provided with emergency and basic health care, medical supplies, clean water and other relief supplies from UN. UN claims that it has provided around $5.1 billion to Syria for humanitarian assistance till now. It is expected that Jaish al-Islam terrorists will leave the city within next 48 hours. Destruction in Douma has been considered as the deadliest scenario in the seven-year-long Syrian war in which 1,600 civilians have been killed so far.

Photo Credit- AA Photo from www.dailysabah.com 


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