New Delhi, April 21, 2017.
“Venezuelan Oil is not for domination but for cooperation”, stated Ambassador of Venezuela Augusto Montiel on the occasion of celebration of country’s 207th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence in the Simon Bolivar Square. The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela organised the programme.
MoS, External Affairs Ministry, MJ Akbar as the Chief Guest of the occasion said about the great achievements of Bolivar and how the quest for sovereignty transitioned from the monarchy to the people thanks to leaders like him.  He praised the heritage of the Bolivarian countries and reminded the importance of the legacy of Bolivar in modern age. “He converted sovereignty, from an idea that belonged to kings, to an idea that belong to people…world would not be the realm of temporary monarchs but would be the permanent residence of the people who lived within nation states” Akbar stated.
Ambassador to Venezuela Augusto Montiel hosted Heads of Diplomatic Missions from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, ALBA countries Cuba and El Salvador and the Ambassadors of the other five nations liberated by Simon Bolivar, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama and Peru, as well as more than 50 guests of the Venezuelan solidarity network, press and general audience were present. After the National Anthems of India, Venezuela and the 5 Bolivarian Countries, the statue of Bolivar was honored with wreaths and flowers by all those present.
Ambassador Montiel thanked the State Minister, and related the significance of the 19th of April to Venezuela’s and the rest of the regions Independence and how the principles of self-determination, non intervention and non interference in domestic affairs won over from the Spanish empire en 1811, is now again under threat by global powers.
Photo: Video grab of Embassy of Venezuela footage


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