New Delhi, March 9, 2017.

Archbishop Anil J.T. Couto, Archbishop of Delhi has expressed serious concerns over increasing attacks on Indian nationals in the U.S. and appeals to both the governments and International bodies to take immediate measures to put an end to such hate crimes.

The Archbishop said, “The news reports of increasing attacks on Indian nationals in the United States are of great concern for me as well as to every citizen of this country. The pain and agony of the parents, relatives and friends of the victims is palpable. I offer my humble prayers and sincere condolences. I appeal to both the governments to take immediate steps to put an end to such hate crimes and create an atmosphere of mutual respect and foster a culture of tolerance and social harmony. Both these great nations must set an example to the whole world by fostering and celebrating diversity in its entirety. ”  

The Archbishop also said, “I also appeal to the International bodies such as the United Nations to intervene and take cognizance of such hate crimes and ask the states to protect the right to life which is an inalienable human right of every person irrespective of nationality, colour, creed and ethnicity.”


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