Egypt Embassy thanks for the support

New Delhi, April 20, 2017.

In reference to the heinous terrorist attacks that targeted St. George Church in Tanta, and St. Mark Church in Alexandria during the celebrations of Palm Sunday, the Egyptian Embassy in New Delhi express its appreciation for the overwhelming support that they received from the Indian people and government, which was reflected in the statements of Vice President Hamid Ansari, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and the Ministry of External Affairs. A

Press Release from the Embassy told that these attacks come as an attempt by extremists and terrorist groups to target the national unity and cohesion of the society and inflame sectarian strife as well as undermining the role of Egypt as a beacon of civilization, religious tolerance and coexistence. Egypt reaffirms the need for collective efforts by the international community to combat terrorism which is one of the most serious threats to international peace and security. Addressing this threat cannot be achieved by adopting a selective approach, but by tackling all terror organizations, dismantling their networks and holding those who fund and support them, in violation of international law and the relevant Security Council Resolutions, accountable. We also need to refute the extremist ideologies that instigate terrorism and violence, and prevent radicalization.

Photo: Embassy of Egypt