Nur-sultan, 9 June 2019
The central Asian country is going through its most crucial times as it intends to choose its new president. The fear being change, people of Kazakhstan wish to continue the similar way of governance to which the international community is looking towards its foreign policy which might get affected with the new president, albeit multiple confirmation from senior Kazakh officials and diplomats.
The citizens of Kazakhstan wishes just for stability while economic boost and better living standards being the secondary for them. The country has been dormant in the International arena but have contributed greatly. Considering the new elect, after taking the charge the new president have to deal with the International community with pragmatic foreign policy specially with the regional and major partners likeRussia, China, the US and the EU. Kazakhstan’s model of being stable and a peaceful country has given major platforms to this central Asian country. Just for instance, Kazakhstan was elected to the UN Security Council as a non-permanent member for 2017-18. The country has been processing negotiations with Syria and other supporter nations curbing the Syrian crisis through Astana process.
Dy. Foreign Minister said, India and Kazakhstan to extend trade cooperation soon
The Dy. Foreign Minister Roman Vassilenko in a special engagement with Diplomacy Today reviled that Kazakhstan’s government has been planning an Economic, trade and investment related presidential visit to India from a long time, while the last visit by the Kazakh supremo Nursultan Nazarbayev held in 2009 when he was invited as the guest of honour in the Republic Day celebrations. This visit also witnessed the signing of the Special Trade Agreement between the two.
As Kazakhstan is holding its presidential elections which will give the Kazakh citizens a new president, considering the three decade long Nazarbayev’s prosperous era. However, no candidate has manifested major foreign policy change and shall remain with the current mechanism.
However, both the countries are extending cooperation in the cross-regional program.“ Kazakhstan is the largest exporter of Uranium to India for peaceful purposes, the duo could extent support in the oil & gas and IT sector where Indian companies are interested in Kazakhstan’s oil and gas potent and we admire India’s expertise in  IT in Bangalore”, said the Dy. Foreign Minister.
India and Kazakhstan have been supporting each other in terms of trade and partnership. Kazakhstan could possibly join India’s initiative of International Solar Alliance (ISA) which already has 121 nations. The objective of this alliance is to extend support towards utilising solar energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. While being a landlocked country, Kazakhstan’s trade relations with India have being flourishing with each passing days. The connectivity through Kazakh national carrier ‘Air Astana’ and ports like Bandar Abbas and Chabahar to be utilise well for increasing trade relations. The Dy. Foreign Minister also said that India could be a potential partner in externding Kazakhstan’s export to the Southeastern countries.
Mohit Srivastava
News Desk,


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