New Delhi, 04 May 2019

Nauryz which means ‘New Day’ is celebrated every year to welcome spring where people gather with their friends and family dressed up in traditional attire. On 3rd May, the Embassy of Kazakhstan in India supported by the Somaiya Group Foundation hosted the Nauryz celebration in New Delhi.


The Kazakh Ambassador dedicated the special evening in the name of the ‘friends of Kazakhstan’. The event was delightful with the presence colleague Ambassadors from other embassies in India, representatives from Indian industry and Media. The Somaiya group exhibited an exceptionally unique Indian dance form – Bharatnatyam, which is performed as a showy act dependent on Indian conventions and customs. The group additionally played out a progression of tunes and melodic chips away at Indian traditional instruments.

Kazakh Ambassador to India addressing the guests

The Ambassador of Kazakhstan Bulat Sarsenbayev congratulated the gathering on the spring occasion, “The day is the time of renewal and reconciliation, the day when the young receive the blessings of their elders, the world is updated and preparing for a new life”, he mentioned. Ambassador also briefly spoke about the primary zones of participation among Kazakhstan and India, laid out the regions of imminent collaboration between the two nations.

Append to the overwhelming performances, a video to demonstrate the vivid history of  Kazakhstan and the India-Kazakh relations. Guests were offered with books related to the India-Kazakh relations and strong bonding. The experience got mesmerising with the national Kazakh cuisines.

More about Nauryz

Nauryz is an occasion that was praised before Islam; it was a remainder of memory structure-agnostic progenitors when they regarded characteristic religions. Thus, for instance, in India they observe Lori – the most recent day of virus winter, in Egypt they call the start of spring as Jam en-Nessim, in Israel, they observe Tu bi-shvat that is the period of a downpour, in Iceland, there is Sumarsdag – the day of entry of summer. On Nauryz they drink kumys – a dairy item made of horse milk. Customarily on this day, they compliment by saying “Koktem tudi!”

On Nauryz it is an absolute necessity to have a conventional bubbly dish Nauryz-koje on the table. Kazakhs trust that one ought to eat quite a bit of this dish on Nauryz, at that point your year will be in flourishing. Nauryz-koje is a wholesome rich soup that is cooked from Seven items: meat, water, flour, spread, millet (could be supplanted with rice or corn), salt and milk. Every segment of the dish symbolizes one of the seven life beginnings: development, karma, joy, riches, wellbeing, insight and sky protection.

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