New Delhi, 14 July 2019

Slovakia’s newly elected president Zuzana Caputova is working greatly in improving the nation’s overall picture. Zuzana Caputova (earlier an Anti-corruption campaigner)  was sworn in as Slovakia’s first female president on June 15, this year.

She took the country in confidence to fight impunity and providing justice to everyone. In the ongoing FutureBrand Country Index 2019 universal study, it positioned 35th. Slovakia has improved its situation by 24 spots contrasted with 2014, which means it has improved its picture the above all else included nations, the TASR newswire detailed.

In her introduction discourse, Caputova said state authorities that had demonstrated unequipped for stepping out defilement ought to lose their positions and pledged to make the equity framework work decently for everybody.

“Under the constitution, individuals are free and equivalent in poise and in rights, which means no one is that unimportant to have their rights traded off, nor is anybody that amazing to remain exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else.”

This seems that the government has already taken steps towards personal satisfaction, social legacy, the travel industry, items and administrations.

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