-Akhlaq Ahmed Usmani*

President Trump is in power now. Wishful thinkers were thinking that his campaign promises were promises and there is no fear of President Trump actually planning to ban Muslims or build wall across Mexico border. President Trump surprised the wishful thinkers partially delivering on his promise to ban entry of Muslims from seven countries. He also claimed that extreme vetting measures will be put in place for VISA applicants from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. President Trump has opted for executive order route for the purpose.


Sl. No. Particulars No. of days Remarks
1 Ban on entry of Muslims from seven countries-Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Iran, Somalia and Libya 90 days More countries may be added to the list if they fail to provide info on VISA Applicants
2 Refugees from around  the world 120 days  
3 Syrian Refugees Indefinitely Special Treatment to Syria
4 Refugee Admission Programme 120 days  
5 No. of Refugees capped at 50,000 from 1.1 Lakh under Obama Fiscal 2017 Christians will be given priority among Refugees


Islamophobia has paid dividends for President Trump. He came to power riding on wave of fear and hatred. He manipulated the fear of American White Middle Class through a campaign of calculated hate filled ranting against women, Muslims, Hispanics and other migrants. Now, he has slowly started implementing the policy of protectionism and hate. The proposed ban on Muslims will have far reaching impacts for America. Already the world leaders have started condemning the move.


Senator John Mccain has said that this move will strengthen the hands of ISIS by giving them more recruits. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said that the ban is wrong and that “She is convinced that even in the necessarily resolute battle against terrorism it is not justified to place people from a certain origin or belief under general suspicion.”Germany has promised to examine the impact of the ban of German Citizens with dual nationality. President Tradeau of Canada has openly stated Canada will welcome refugees rejected by USA with open arms.

It seems that entire world is condemning President Trump. But Trump is Trump, he refuses to accept his mistake and has openly supported the ban on twitter stating that “Our Country needs strong borders”. Massive protests in Boston against the order were held. Nationwide protests are being planned against this order. This executive order has created chaos and panic across USA and even Green Card and Valid VISA holders are being harassed by being detained at Airports. Two Iraqi nationals have already been detained already, their lawyers have been running from pillar to post for relief. Iranian born BBC reporter Ali Hamedani is stuck at Chicago Airport.

This executive order has put America’s dark underbelly ie the Racist White Supremacists into action. Every Non white is being subjected to random checks and questions. US immigration has arbitrarily started detaining or denying entry to people with Green card or Valid VISAS. Muslims in USA are afraid of travelling abroad due to fear that they may not allowed to return back. Already people are cancelling travels plans and getting ready for every kind of eventuality.

I personally do not think that this executive order has anything to do with terrorism though there is much talk and posturing about 9/11 and terrorism. As I said, most of this executive order is posturing only. President Trump carefully avoided nations which were supposedly part of the 9/11 i.e. Saudi Arabia (Osama was a Saudi Citizen), Pakistan (Taliban and Al Qaida was and is still close Pakistan Army) and Afghanistan (then ruled by Taliban). President remembered oil and arms lobby interests before going ahead with the order. He deliberately opted for executive order route, which can be challenged judicially. Already federal judge has granted relief by stating deportations. USA has opted for a reality TV star as President and now the world should be ready for such surprises, shocks and posturing for four long years.

*Editor of DiplomacyToday.in



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